Painting #31
Test Pour Using Artist's Loft Ready-Mixed Pouring Paints - black base - Mary K Dalke Reflecting His Glory Fine Arts - Photography And Acrylic Art; Fluid and Modern Abstract DSC05953

Now that spring has finally arrived, Lord willing, I will soon be going out and capturing the beauty and amazing colors of trees and flowers in bloom and posting many of the pictures here. Now, however, Here’s a sneak peek at the wet results of the painting that I did yesterday evening to further test Artist’s Loft Ready-Mixed Pouring Paints. This was created on a black base using Metallic Black, and the pour was created using Metallic Silver, Violet, Metallic White, and Artist’s Loft Acrylic paint in the tube, which is my favorite color of their acrylic paints –Metallic Cobalt. I also used Liquitex pouring medium to thin down the consistency of the thick Metallic Cobalt so that it matched the same consistency of the Ready-Mixed Pouring Paints.

The Metallic Black seemed to be thicker than the Metallic White, and it covered the base of the canvas much better than the Metallic White covered my previous base of the canvas. This pleased me! These colors are vibrant and beautiful and the consistency is nice and fluid, but just a little too thin to create good rings for ringpours IMHO. With all of that in mind, I give these Ready-Mixed Pouring Paints by Artist’s Loft, 4 stars out of 5.

Yesterday I ordered some more of these paints while they were still at their lowest prices of the year, and, Lord willing, I will be creating more paintings using them to test how they work when doing a #Dutchpour, #flipcup, and #opencup pours, so stay tuned for those! 😊

Instead of allowing the paint to cover the whole canvas, I love creating paintings leaving some negative space, as you can see by the black corners in this painting which also has some lacing that came up as I tilted the canvas, allowing the paint to shift back and forth. The Metallic White was the first paint that I poured into my cup, thus it was the last to come out, and I needed to do my best to keep it under control, or it would have covered even more of the canvas! Even though I used equal parts of each color of paint as I poured them into the cup, it surprised me that it mainly only showed up at the very end! I didn’t even use all of the white paint that was left in the cup! As you can see, it created a cloud-like effect with lightly colored layers showing through, which makes this painting rather unique, I think.🙂

The technique used to create this painting: #Ringpour

Canvas info: 20×20 inches, Gallery-Wrapped, 3/4 inch profile, acid-free, archival quality, and Gesso primed.

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Here is a photo of the dry results of Saturday’s painting:
IRIDESCENT CLOUD - 4322 - Mary K Dalke Reflecting His Glory Fine Arts - Photography And Acrylic Art; Fluid And Modern Abstract DSC05957
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